Child care educator feeding baby with bottle

Our People

Our People

Our dedicated staff offer a wealth of childcare and early learning knowledge and experience. Through patient observation and interaction with your child, our attentive and fully-qualified educators are able to adjust the curriculum to suit your child’s needs, capabilities and interests.

Centre manager: Carlye Taylor

Years in Education: 11 years
Years in Childcare: 5 years
Years in Management: 3 years
Qualifications: Bachelor of Education Early Childhood
Tell us about your passion for childcare: I moved away from working in mainstream schools as we had to teach what was on the checklist. I wanted to be a teacher to the children for what they wanted to learn about and provide them the opportunity to grow in areas that they were interested in. The joy of early education is exactly that. Children are able to develop their own unique interests in a supportive environment.
What is your most memorable moment in childcare? Having children return and become hosts of the graduation the year after they left. To see the joy of the parents, the pride of the children and the eagerness of the graduates to move forward was a sign that what we do really does matter and it also showed the impact we have on our community.
Why is this centre the best choice for parents? KAW is an excellent choice for early education as the staff are experienced and knowledgeable. They have great relationships with the families and most are based in the same community and have a real understanding of the social implications for families and areas in which the families need our support.

Being a part of a national company gives the children a greater opportunity to be involved with a higher quality and variety of activities. The company prides itself on working with staff to develop their skills and provide a vast amount of opportunities which in turn provides the children with a higher quality learning environment.

The service works on a holistic approach and encourages the support of Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapist to work with our educators. Our outdoor environment encourages a large amount of gross motor activities and the children thrive from this environment.